Who is Friendly Manager Club Management Software program for?

Friendly Manager is primarily for the people who administer and manage clubs, groups and organisations.  

Whether you're a sports or dance club, volunteer organisation or community group, every club needs help. Remove the stress of running your club by using Friendly Manager club management program to save time, be responsive, and manage information, fees, members and teams more efficiently.

Quite simply it can be used by everyone - from the club member all the way up to a National President. Clearly designated levels of access mean everyone with the right permission can view and update all relevant information.  

Friendly Manager club admin and membership management software offers a simple, efficient and user-friendly management solution for every association or club, whatever the size or type of activity. 

If you are a national body our club manager software will give you instant access to all your member clubs and associations. Accurate, timely information on demand - no more delays chasing data. Talk to us about how we can customise your club membership database, admin and management software to save you valuable time, money & energy.
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