Meet Kelvin

Exciting times here at Friendly Manager…  With the recent growth in our customer base and an increase in enquiries for information about our Club Management software I am thrilled to be joining the team in the role of National Sales Manager I know how you feel ... Nearly a year ago I met Karl at an end of season Cricket meeting in my role as President of Bethlehem College Cr

Meet Matt

Hi, I'm Matt,  As most of you probably know Friendly Manager has had a major influx of customers, resulting in us working very hard to keep up with everyone's needs.  As a result, I was hired to revamp the help documentation, be the designated customer support person and work with the Friendly Manager team to create an effective, relevant and user-friendly help centre, hopefull

Friendly Manager and Gymnastics NZ team up!

We are excited to announce that Friendly Ltd and Gymnastics NZ have teamed up to roll out Friendly Manager to all gym clubs throughout New Zealand. As the gymnastics continues to grow it presents ever-increasing demands, so the need to move into the digital-age is now even more critical. After an extensive scoping, evaluation and selection process, Gymnastics NZ are implementing Friendly Mana

Whos your star volunteers!

It’s the time of year to give and to celebrate. This year we want to celebrate the volunteers that put in the hours for your club!  Is there an individual, or even a group, within your organisation that deserves a Friendly Manager Volunteer Award? If you know someone who is putting in the hours just for the love of your organisation, then we would like to recognise them… Thi

Get more club members with a management software that ROCKS

Does your existing sport club management solution include pen and paper? If yes, we hate to say it – but you are terribly outdated. And as much as you think this doesn’t affect your business, it definitely does, and the results can be terrible. Offering The Professionalism That Counts Long gone are the days where stick-it notes did wonders for sport clubs, sports teams etc. Nowa

How to pick up members during the slow months?

We’ve all been there – struggling to get new members during the slow periods of the season – the deep winter and the hot summer. Whether you are running a gym, a dance studio, a cheerleading club or a sports club – the root of the problem lies in your marketing. You can bring in new members who want what you have and will do that at the lowest possible cost to you in the p

Adding A Person

First hover on the people menu item. Click on Add Person Enter the person’s First and Last name. Now we need to choose the system access level for the person there are 4 levels of access. No Login – This level of access means that the member cannot login, an example of this would be a child. Standard user – This level of access allows the abi

Award Management

Friendly Manager now tracks and records tasks and awards your members are completing. The system will also shows what members still need to do to complete or pass an award, and it will track the level of that award. What’s really cool is you can run a report to show awards completed over that term; view by award, by group or by individual. Our award system has been desined so you can

Friendly Manager - Updates - 30/05/2016

We have been working hard to improve the usability and functionality of Friendly Manager to ensure we are continually providing the best software possible. There are a number of improvements we have made that will make your life easier and perhaps aren’t that obvious. We therefore simply wanted to share these improvements with you. Link existing contact to a person. Previously if

Friendly Manager App

We have been working on some exciting new developments that will enhance the useability and functionality of your club.  Friendly Manager App In the ever so quickly evolving world of technology we need to keep up with what is around and what will bring more value to your organisation. We have put our thinking caps on and put together an app that we are bringing to you for free, yes you

Why do sports clubs need a website?

Having a website is a great easy way to talk and keep your supporters, sponsors, parents, staff, players and anyone else who is interested in staying up to date with what is going on with your club on a mass level. Heres 5 quick reasons why every sports clubs need a  website. 1: Contact info- Allow members or potential members to contact your club via a contact enquiry form. A

The Benefits Of A Sports Club Management Software

sports club management software
The days when sports management was a thing tracked with huge books, archives and papers are long gone. We embraced the digital era and learned a lot from it. Fortunately, sports club management is an industry that benefited a lot from this advancement. So, what is a sports club management software? In a nutshell, it is all those attendance papers, payments books, people registers and pro

Looking for a shark

club admin software
Giving volunteers & staff back their time in a club is one of the hardest jobs possible. Volunteers spend hours upon hours of time trying to keep up with tasks like managing fees, communication, uniform management, website content and all of these things add up and take time. Most of the time they are done by one person and that person can feel like they are married to the club. We have c

Sport Clubs & Social Media - 5 tips to make it easy

club membership management software
Social media is a great easy way to talk and keep your supporters, sponsors, parents, staff, players and anyone else who is interested in staying up to date with what is going on with your club on a mass level. However sometimes it is hard coming up with content, but the key is to keep it simple your supporters and members of the club want to know about 5 things usually…. They want t

Xero & Friendly Manager partnership coming soon !

club management software nz
We are excited to announce that we have just about finished our first stage of integration with Xero - NZ's leading online accounting software.  The team at Friendly Manager have one goal in mind and that is  we want to make your club management as simple as possible so it made sense for us to partner with one of the leading online accounting packages on the market today ( and t

Should we use Technology in sport games ?

Mitchell Marsh fumes on his way back to the pavilion - Image Courtesy of
What a game - The Black Caps have won the Chappell Hadlee series but it wasn’t without a bit of controversy. Yet again we have the same argument in front of us … Should technology be used in sport ? Well as you can probably tell because I own a technology company my response to that question is yes it should . Some people have said to me what if the shoe was on the other foot?
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