Simple Club Registration

Customisable Registration Form

Ensuring you gather the correct data is essential for your club. We can customise the signup form to ensure you’re collecting exactly what you need.

Customisable club registration form

Multiple Registration Forms

Friendly Manager makes it easy for you to get the correct information from your members. With different forms you can get exactly what you need from the different types of members you have.  

Multiple sports club rego forms

Priority Registrations

Let your current members register for events in advance of the general public. Friendly Manager will automatically open registrations and send email messages to your members, on a date you specify.

Priorty registration forms

Term Fees

Term fees make it easy to charge your members on term by term, monthly, session, or attendance basis.

Club season fee managment

Custom Fields

At no extra cost we can set up as many custom fields as you require, so you can collect the data you need. Simply email

Custom feilds for your club


Configure your term or season start and finish dates as you require. Allow members to register for one term or multiple terms

Configure seasons to suite

Subscription Based Fees

Configure your fees as either term based or subscription based. Term based fees typically conform to the the dates you have set for your terms, whereas subscriptions are based on a period of time set for an individual, such as an annual fee that might renew on the anniversary of registering.

Manage club subscriptions


Allow members to register their interest for full classes and provide you with contacts for filling in the gaps when members drop out, or more spaces become available

Manage your clubs waitlist

Term Sets

Term sets allow you to create different term periods for your club that may differ from your regular terms. For example you may have rugby, squash, and cricket all running from the same club; term sets allow you to have multiple different date periods for the different codes.

Create terms and season for your club
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