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  Home   Friendly Manager is the complete, cloud-based club management software system that provides membership and administration management for all types of clubs.
  What do you get?   Friendly Manager is packed with features that allow easy management of club members, admin and finance in one simple system.
  Members   Friendly Manager club membership software allows you to easily track all of your member contacts and other information in one central place. Find out more.
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  Registrations   view the Registrations page
  Finance and Accounting   Send bulk invoices to a single club member or a team in a couple of clicks with Friendly Manager. Also Xero integration-ready.
  Communication   view the Communication page
  Events Management   Friendly Manager club management software features a club events calendar as well as allowing you to record club member attendance.
  Awards   view the Awards page
  Website Integration   With Friendly Manager, anyone can join up via your website with just a few clicks as well as registering club members can pay for subs using credit card.
  Support   Friendly Manager features a live chat support service and video tutorials that ensures your club management software runs smoothly.
  Premium Features   We are constantly building new features that expand the functionality of Friendly Manager - .
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  Xero Integration   Friendly Manager club manager software offers Xero integration, making all club finance management convenient and simple.
  Who is it for?   Friendly Manager club management software system provides cloud-based membership and admin management for sports clubs, community groups and organisations.
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  Team Based Sport Clubs   view the Team Based Sport Clubs page
  Rollover Subscription Clubs   view the Rollover Subscription Clubs page
  Water Based Sports   view the Water Based Sports page
  Community Groups   view the Community Groups page
  About   Friendly Manager club management software was developed in New Zealand by Karl Friend and caters to the admin needs of clubs and organisations worldwide.
  Why Friendly Manager?   view the Why Friendly Manager? page
  Customer Reviews   There are clubs and organisations throughout the world using Friendly Manager club management software. Check out their reviews of your software.
  Blog   Friendly Manager offers some insightful reading about its club management software and how it has and continues to benefit clubs and organisations. Read more.
  Pricing   Friendly Manager offers highly affordable pricing on its cloud-based club management, membership and admin software. Check out our range of pricing plans.
  Contact   The developers of Friendly Manager are located in Tauranga New Zealand and can be reached via phone or email for any customer enquiries.


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