Enhance Friendly Manager with Premium Features

Holiday Programme

Managing holiday programme registrations is easy with Friendly Manager. Set up a group of days, track attendance, and allow members and the public to register.

$10 per month
Manage your club holiday programme


As members go through the sign up process during the season they have the option to purchase merchandise to get them kitted out for the season! 

$15 per month
Sell your sales and merchandie to club members

Uniform Management

Keeping track of who needs what uniform can be a pain! As members go through the registration process, they are asked what items and sizes they require, ensuring you know exactly how many uniforms of which size to order before the season starts.

$10 per month
Friendly Manager - Uniform

Premium Website

Take your website to the next level – our premium website makes it easy to share all your club data in one place; everything from classes, team profiles, live draws results and more... 

Premium website addon is an additional cost.

$25 per month

Venues and Bookings

Our Bookings addon is a venue management system that allows your members or the public to book your venues for other functions such as birthday parties. 

Bundled free with Private Lessons addon.

$25 per month
Capture and book venues

Private Lessons

Members can book and pay for private coaching sessions, and once completed, the lessons will be recorded in the member’s profile.
Bundled free with Venues and Bookings addon.

$25 per month
Book and manage private coaching lessons

Competition Management

Create competitions, fixtures, manage venues, manage match allocation and scheduling, and feed live results directly to your website.

$100 per month
Simple club and regional competition management

Custom Development

Sometimes you just want that little bit extra to make the software do that little bit extra. We have a team of developers who are ready to make your wishes come true.

Contact us for a quote
Custom development
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