World Class Competiton Management

Automated Draws

Once your teams have registered, and you have entered your venues and times, Friendly Manager does the hard work and generates a draw in seconds.

Completed draws can be easily edited for draw date, time, venue, umpires, all with the click of a button.

Automated sports draws

Round Types

Round robins, tournaments, casual competitions – they can all differ in their formats. Friendly Manager removes the uncertainty and guess work for your finals, ensuring the right team is there.

Multiple round types

Team and Club Login

Friendly Manager allows club, school, and team logins to manage their own data with specific views for upcoming teams, draws, and results.

Team and club login

Team and Club Registrations

Avoid the hassle of chasing clubs over poorly completed forms. Friendly Manager ensures you get the correct information from your teams and clubs the first time. Our forms are dynamic and customisable, making data collection easy.

Team and club registrations

Approval Process

After schools and clubs have registered for the division or pool they want to play in for the season, Friendly Manager allows you to approve, decline or move the team, to ensure they are in the right division, before invoicing them.

Team approval process

Invoicing and Payment

Once a team is approved, you can invoice the club/school from Friendly Manager. And as Friendly Manager provides Xero integration, your accounting and administration workload becomes even lighter.

Team and club invoiceing and payments

Live Results

Friendly Manager supports recording of results, live and directly to your website.

Now everyone can access the results on any deivce, as they happen!

Live sports results

Pool and Division Management

Teams change, pools get added... Managing changes on the fly can be a nightmare. Friendly Managers drag and drop functionality makes changing a pool or division simple.

Pool and division management

Umpire Allocation

Easily allocate your umpires to your games, with the click of a button in Friendly Manager. 

Coming soon: Umpires will soon be able to notify you of their availabiliy.

Draws and results umpire allocation

Live Reporting

View live data any time, anywhere, on any device. Reports may be downloaded and data exported whenever needed.

Live sport club reporting

Score Sheets

Print your team scoresheet or save it as a file, directly from Friendly Manager.

Generated score sheets

Bulk Communication

Communication is the key to a successful competition and Friendly Manager provides the tools you need to communicate with pools, divisions, competitions, and everyone inside them (clubs, schools, teams, players, umpires, and coaches).

Bulk email communication

Optional Premium Website

With our premium website you and your members will be able to include:

  • live results on your website
  • live active club directory
  • unlimited mobile friendly pages
Club premium website
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