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Sport Bay of Plenty is where it all happens - sport wise - in the Bay. From Tauranga to Opotiki, Kawerau to Katikati, there is something to get anyone and everyone moving, active and involved in their community. There is so much going on that Sport BOP needed a way to keep track and record all of their coaches professional development, qualification and continuous learning across multiple sports and areas.

Professional, on-going coaching development across multiple sporting platforms is becoming a worldwide standard. However, people are busy. Busy coaches don’t want to get bogged down with needless paperwork, especially after just attending another professional development course. Sport BOP came to Friendly Manager asking for software that could record data live, on site and on the go. Multiple coaches needed to be able to be signed in at the same time, recording accurate data regarding their ongoing coaching development. They didn’t want to have to login and logout all the time, that’s just a hassle.


Friendly Manager created a way to electronically record and store this information. All coaching development and continuous learning attended by Sport BOP coaches is now housed in an app - a portal which allows up-to-date, correct information to be accessed at all times via a scan tag. All data is now tracked and accurate records are kept on each coach for each sport within Sport BOP. Sport BOP now have the ability to stay connected to all coach development activity in the Bay of Plenty easily and effectively. This saves those overseeing the progress of all coaches in the BOP a significant amount of time.

Coaches are now able to stay up to date easily on their own progress, and can effortlessly find and print their coaching development records when applying for new positions in the coaching world. The phone app provides uncomplicated access, updating information direct to each coaches profile with the swipe of a personalised tag.


Sport BOP and the collaborating Regional Sporting Organisation BayTrust CoachForce Officers are thrilled at the outcome. From formal qualifications to experiential activities to research, all areas of coaching development can be recorded. All levels of training - whether foundational, developmental or performance - can also be recorded for future reference and future ongoing development. The ease of use in a simple scanning of a personalised tag makes this system viable, effective and efficient.

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