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Rick Wells Sport specialises in adult swimming lessons. Getting back into swimming or giving it a go for the first time as an adult can seem daunting. Rick Wells Sport specialises in working alongside adult swimmers to help them achieve their swimming ambitions.

This subscription based club needed a way to manage attendance. Different squads meet at different times during the week to train together, and Rick Wells Sport needed to be able to track who had attended their thrice weekly sessions. Club members had been turning up to more than their allocated sessions and Rick Wells Sport had no way of tracking or managing this.

Being a swim club brought the added challenge of managing technology and software right next to water - not the most easy task! Therefore the software needed to be super easy to use, fast and efficient. Coaches who had not worked easily with systems and software before needed to be able to quickly become proficient and comfortable with the Friendly Manager system.


Friendly Manager took on the task of implementing their user-friendly, accessible software which managed and tracked client attendance, allowing for data collection and much better class management.  The software tackles all aspects of back-end administrative process, granting coaches and management more time and mitigating administrative frustrations. Friendly Manager also added a new fee payment option through EziDebit.


As a result, Rick Wells Sport can truly live up to their motto of “Get the most out of life.” Both clients as well as staff and coaches have easy to use processes that organise and oversee all the administrative operations. Class scheduling, oversight and attendance is uncomplicated and straightforward. Rick Wells Sport website and systems are more streamlined and functional, allowing for less time doing paperwork and more time poolside.

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