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Gymnastics - The foundation for all sport

Most of us would have childhood memories of tumbling mats, trampolines that made you feel like you could fly into outer space, hanging off jungle gyms and the infamous monkey bars.

These fundamentals of movement create healthy, active, social and confident human beings and no one knows that better than Gymnastics New Zealand.

From pre-school programmes, trampoline (TRA), rhythmic (RG), aerobic (AER) and Men’s (MAG) and Women’s (WAG) artistic gymnastics, Gymnastics New Zealand had their hands full administrating over 110 gymnastics clubs throughout the country. That’s over 127,000 gymnastic athletes!

They needed an administrative solution that allowed for less time shuffling paperwork and manually moving data, and more time vaulting, leaping, twirling, coaching, balancing and moving.


Twenty-five percent of gymnastic clubs throughout New Zealand found a solution to this predicament in Friendly Manager club management software. After hearing testimonials from these clubs who were experiencing on-the-ground transformation in their administrative processes, freeing up precious time and resources, GNZ contacted Friendly Manager Ltd to complete a Request for Proposal to roll out Friendly Manager’s club management software nationwide. Hearing from gymnasts, parents, managers and coaches at the ground level was key in rolling out a simple, efficient and easy system which worked for everybody. 

This nationwide central database project allows all Gymnastics clubs in New Zealand to use one centralised system for all their club data. Each individual club manages themselves independently through this software while still remaining connected to the broader framework of Gymnastics NZ. Two versions of the Friendly Manager software were made available to each Gymnastics club in NZ - a basic version and a full version. This two-pronged approach allows for each club to choose whether they want the reduced functionality software which still allows for data collection from GNZ, or a fully functional software system which gives the gymnastics club complete control and administrative oversight, while still maintaining that GNZ connection. 


What does this mean? Moving districts and your child still wants to compete in gymnastics in your new town? The crossover is now simple, easy and efficient. Designing, organising and running local and inter-city competitions? Again, simple, easy and efficient. Coaches and managers are now freed up to spend more time on gymnastics and less time on administrative functions. Integration into a national data warehouse means that duplicate data, inefficient data and hours wasted on organising and managing a gymnastics club are now a thing of the past. Ultimately, Gymnastics clubs throughout New Zealand have now freed up hours of time to move well, not move data. Gymnastics NZ was the first national sports organisation in New Zealand to roll out a software system with Friendly Manager which allows them to see their entire database of over 127,531 members live at any one time. 

Gymnastics New Zealand is at the forefront of movement. Movement is the foundation of all sports, performing arts, dance and marital arts. Gymnastics NZ believes in growing great New Zealanders through gymnastics, through the fun, enjoyment, personal achievement and confidence that comes through moving well. Friendly Manager is excited to continue to work alongside GNZ to enhance and improve their software system so that we can collectively get more individuals and communities moving well and enjoying life. 

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