Big Air Gymsports

Navigating the Change

Based at two locations in Wellington City and Tawa, Big Air Gymsports & Cheerleading needed club management software that would save them time in their already busy schedules. Big Air were using MindBody Software and wanted to transfer away from this platform. They needed a software system that could provide greater capability and functionality than they already had. In addition, Big Air needed a system that would manage and navigate this transition between one platform to the other easily and effortlessly.

One unique challenge that Big Air faced was the sheer amount of classes that needed managing at  both of their gyms. Big Air runs classes for youngsters who have just started walking, toddlers and primary aged children, as well as classes for advanced gymnastics, free-running classes, trampolining, cheer and tumbling. Big Air also runs their highly popular holiday programmes every school holidays. Managing all of these highly dynamic class schedules was a nightmare!

Another challenge which Big Air faced was the familiarity that their clients and personnel already had with their existing software. Transferring their customers away from a process which they already knew and were familiar with was a challenge. Therefore, Friendly Manager had to both provide a system that far outshone the previous management and registration processes and also train management, staff and personnel in a way that they could easily and confidently field questions about this new system.


Big Air Gymsports and Cheerleading was the first large club that Friendly Manager on-boarded. With 2,000+ members, this was a major feat. Friendly Manager mastered this transition through training and support, smooth data integration and communication, and responding with innovation and precision to the unique needs that arose throughout Big Air’s transition from MindBody to Friendly Manager. In this transition, Friendly Manager introduced integration with the Brisbane-developed payment gateway, EziDebit. This allowed payments to be received promptly and on time by Big Air, a huge plus for both Big Air and other Friendly Manager clientele.


The management at Big Air Gymsports absolutely love the system! They love the ease in which they can manage all of the needs of their customers from one platform. The chaotic dynamics of their highly varied class schedule has been tamed through Friendly Manager’s software, even with the diversified needs of adding a holiday programme to the mix! All classes are managed through the software and taking attendance is now an easy task. The ongoing support and communication that Big Air receives from Friendly Manager is responsive and high quality. Friendly Manager has given Big Air more capacity and saved them time, energy and resources, which is paramount for Big Air. Managing two highly active gyms in the Wellington region is now far easier because of Friendly Manager software.

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