Meet Matt

Meet Matt - Friendly Manager Support Crew
23 Mar

Hi, I'm Matt, 

As most of you probably know Friendly Manager has had a major influx of customers, resulting in us working very hard to keep up with everyone's needs. 

As a result, I was hired to revamp the help documentation, be the designated customer support person and work with the Friendly Manager team to create an effective, relevant and user-friendly help centre, hopefully making your experience using the already fantastic system even better. 

Upcoming help section improvements
There are loads of updates being prepped to roll out in the coming weeks and months, including a 'Help' search option, frequently asked questions database, setup guides and more.

In the meantime continue using Friendly Manager as you always have. During those unavoidable moments, when you are simply stuck on a problem or the system isn't working the way you expect, I suggest always start with the 'Help Documentation'. 

Most of your problems can be resolved using the help doc and it can be a quick way to fix the issue so you can move on, please note that we are aware of most of what's lacking but if you have suggestions we would love to hear them. If the help doc still leaves you wanting, the live chat is a great option for those of you needing instant help. 

Live chat is available between 9am and 3pm and can be accessed from on the home page at the bottom right, we will do our best to provide quick and effective responses. 

You can always open a 'Support Ticket', for any situation, from the 'Help' page and we will be alerted on our end of your need for help. 

My goal is to make your experience using Friendly Manager as enjoyable as possible. Please let me know if anything in the system is making you unhappy. My job is to do all I can to resolve your issues and for situations that can't be directly fixed I will do my best to find a solution that works for everyone. 

Thanks for your patience during this time of expansion,

Your happy help person,


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