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6th Apr 2018

Meet Kelvin

Exciting times here at Friendly Manager… 

With the recent growth in our customer base and an increase in enquiries for information about our Club Management software I am thrilled to be joining the team in the role of National Sales Manager

I know how you feel ...
Nearly a year ago I met Karl at an end of season Cricket meeting in my role as President of Bethlehem College Cricket Club… Karl wanted to show me his Friendly Manager software to see if this could be of benefit to our Club…
“When and how quickly can we have this software installed” was the first thing I said to Karl after we met and he had completed a short demonstration of the software…

I was so impressed with what Friendly Manager would provide to me and other members of our Club… that I was even prepared to fund the purchase by myself if I could not get support from my Committee Members… I needed have worried as once they all saw the software it was a unanimous decision to take on this management software.

My background and career path has mostly seen me involved in Sales, couple that with two of my other passions Sport & Technology… this opportunity to come onboard to head up the Sales function in the business seemed like a match made in Heaven!! 

So I very much am looking forward to completing some extra product training over the next little while and then getting out there into our wider Sporting community to spread the word about this amazing Club Management software and share the testimony that I have about this product and what the benefits you will receive for your Club 
I plan to touch base with you over next few weeks just introduce myself and see how things are going with Friendly Manager. 

Should you want to discuss any aspects of your Friendly Manager before hand or know someone else who you think might benefit from our software please contact me on the contact details below

Ph:       021 222 9844

I look forward to chatting soonKelvin Elliffe

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