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Frequently Asked Questions

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get the answers you need.

How do we pay for Friendly Manager?

Friendly Manager fees are charged monthly. We automatically send an invoice to your nominated email address, and then using a payment gateway, direct debit your monthly invoice amount on the due date.

I have signed up or demo, now what happens?

That's awesome to hear, one of our team members will be in touch with you soon to have a chat about your club. We try to connect with all new trial users within 24 hours. We can't wait to hear about your club administration challenges and discuss how Friendly Manager can make you job easier, and give you your life back.

What is Friendly Manager’s security policy?

Friendly Manager is strives to maintain industry standard security protocols. We live in a constantly changing digital world, and although not perfect, we are constantly improving. but we do try our best. An overview of our security regime is available at

Does Friendly Manager do custom development?

Yes, we do custom development to meet specific or unusual needs in keeping with the Friendly Manager vision. Contact us to discuss your requirements. Development projects start at NZ$2,000 +gst. All such development remains the property of Friendly Ltd.

What countries does Friendly Manager support?

Friendly Manager currently supports New Zealand, Australia, and the United Kingdom with more countries coming soon.

How do I reset my password?

Resetting your or anyone’s password is easy. On your club’s Friendly Manager page click the “forgot password link”. You will be emailed a password reset link.

Do I have to use Friendly Managers website?

No, not at all. We can supply you with the necessary details for your website manager to add Friendly Manager connections to your existing website.

How can I get training and support?

We offer all the support and live online training sessions you will need to get Friendly Manager up and running. Choose one of the options on the Help page of your Friendly Manager system.

Where is Friendly Managers Data Stored?

For New Zealand and Australian based clubs, Friendly Manager is hosted with VPS City in Auckland. For United Kingdom clubs, Friendly Manager is hosted on Amazon Web Services in London.

How do add-ons work?

Addons are there to enhance the way Friendly Manager works. We separate out functionality not required by most clubs, to help keep the price down, and so you can tailor your plan to fit your needs.

Can I speak to someone about the right plan and add-ons for my club?

Absolutely! Feel free to email our sales team an email or book a demo here.

What payment gateways do you work with?

We work in New Zealand and Australia with EziDebit and coming soon, everywhere with GoCardless.

Can I run my club for half the year and turn it off after I am finished?

No, sorry we don’t offer half year, or discounts for seasonal based sports. Friendly Manager is designed to be available year round to maintain history and continuity.

Do you offer discounts for not for profits?

Our pricing already reflects that most of Friendly Manager’s users are non-profits.

How do I edit my Free or Premium website?

To login and edit your website, add “/login” at the end of your club’s url e.g. Note, this is to update and maintain your Friendly Manager website and is different from your regular Friendly Manager access.

Who owns the software/websites?

The Friendly Manager software-as-a-service system is owned by New Zealand based Friendly Ltd. This software is available by subscription only, cannot be hosted on any other server, and access cannot be retained if you wish to cancel your service. While Friendly Ltd owns the system, your club owns your data. If you wish to cancel your service, we are able to export your data before it is deleted.

Can Friendly Manager import our data?

Absolutely! There are three options to import your data into Friendly Manager.

1: Support team upload of your data – simply complete the spreadsheet template we send you, send it back to us, and we’ll take care of the rest.

2: Your members register directly on your new Friendly Manager website taking care of all the work for you – this is our recommended option.

3: Enter individual member data using the registration form on your Friendly Manager website – can be quite time consuming…

What happens if we go over the club limit?

Friendly Manager wants to work with you as a club. We know that membership levels may fluctuate throughout the year, so we agree on a monthly limit with you.

We regularly check membership levels, and will contact you before any upgrade of your membership plan.
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