How it all Started

Friendly Manager development came about as a result of Friendly Ltd's CEO Karl Friend, helping out with an organisation being run through his church.

Experiencing the frustrations of managing administrative tasks, Karl searched for a software solution that would make his job easier. As there wasn't anything close to being suitable, Karl decided to put his company to the task.

Karl wanted a solution that was effortless and yet effective, the two primary characteristics of what has become Friendly Manager.

Vision for Friendly Manager

Friendly Manager has been crafted to help clubs and organisations of all over the world, of all sizes, to be managed effortlessly and effectively using one portal for all administration.

Our goal is to see Friendly Manager used by sporting and interest groups throughout New Zealand, Australia and the world. We are proud to have developed a system that relieves the stress and time it takes to process fees and organise groups, fixtures, venues, communication and general administration.

Our Team

Friendly Ltd is a close knit team of talented and like-minded people working to make people's systems for users.

Karl Friend
CEO and Sales - boss man and visionary
Bart de Jong
Developer and Support - the good oil in the machinery
Andrew Simmonds
Head Developer - super geek
Ross Simmonds
Chairman of the Board - IT and business consultant
Todd Wakerley
Board Member - business consultant and mentor
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