About Friendly Manager

How it all started

Friendly Manager - Multi Device Capable

Friendly Manager development came about as a result of Friendly Ltd's CEO Karl Friend, helping out with a youth organisation being run through his church.

Experiencing the frustrations of administrative tasks, Karl searched for a software solution that would make his job easier. As there wasn't suitable, Karl decided to put his company to the task.

Karl wanted a solution that was effortless, and yet effective, the two primary characteristics of what has become Friendly Manager.

Vision for Friendly Manager

Friendly Managers Vision

Friendly Manager has been crafted to help clubs and organisations of all sizes around the world, to be managed effortlessly and effectively using one portal for all administration.

The Friendly Manager team is proud to have developed a system that relieves the stress and time it takes to organise fees, groups, fixtures, venues, communication, and general administration.

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Our core values

To be supportive
We are here to support clubs and groups. We want to listen to you, and work with you to create an awesome Friendly Manager experience for the administrators and members alike. 

Working with you
We constantly process feedback from users, turning good ideas into improving Friendly Manager so that it is always the best system for you.


To trust, to be trusted, and to be open
It is vital that you trust the people who host the data for your club, and that we in turn trust you. You are always welcome to ask questions. 

To give back
We want to give back to those that support us, so it is our mission to provide the best service and product to you, so you can get your time back. 

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